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You dream. You dare. You dance.  You’re strong and beautiful and you deserve to see that for yourself. Together we’ll turn your art into something you can treasure forever.  Together we’ll show the world what you can do.

Dedication, passion, and achievement are words that you and your dancers know well.  After the final ovation and bows are over, you can all still savor the feelings and memories.  We’ll make sure you have the images to help you share those memories with your students, families and fans.


Beautiful photos of the moments and movements you created are a great way to remember and to show the world what you achieved.  As a performance photographer we want to capture your dancers’ passion on stage whether it be a boundless jete, a carefully choreographed combination or just a moment of reflection with their fellow dancers. 

We  have spent years shooting a variety of shows and recitals, during dress rehearsal as well as live performances.

We  have experience with classical, modern and cultural genres and love to shoot them all so as to capture the delight, intensity, passion and spunk of these incredible dancers doing what they love. 

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