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Throw your loved one a party they’ ll

always remember!



Birthdays are when we try to show how much they mean to us in a single day, and that’s priceless and worth capturing. Birthday photography Bangalore is all about capturing such special moments and the special boy/girl. It is important to cherish these moments, be it your, your kid’s first birthday, or your grandparents’ 90th birthday. At Photo Bangalore, we help you capture such moments and make them timeless to add to the collection of many more to come.

Birthday photographs are heirlooms that can be passed down generations that showcase our transition to stages of life. Birthdays comprise some of the best days of our life, and it is important to cherish such moments. Our photographers at dechord studio can help you remember your special day with real emotions and moments of happiness.

It acts as a beautiful recap to reflect on your personality and cherish your relationship.

We have experienced professionals specialising in Birthday photography and can cover all types of birthday events from small private functions to large parties. We also provide candid birthday photography, birthday cake photography, outdoor birthday photography, etc., amongst our services. We are a versatile group of individuals with a passion for photography, a good eye to spot amazing moments and skills to capture them with the best possible settings and make them timeless.


Why should you hire a professional birthday photographer?

You don’t want to compromise on your special day. The one reason to go with an established and professional birthday photoshoot in dechord studio

is that these memories must be captured in the best possible way. Each birthday is special and can’t be replaced with another; it’s the bond and the memories we wish to cherish a few years down the road.

Hiring a professional birthday photography service in will transcend the initial frames and serve as a gateway to all the good times in our life.

Moreover, it’s your birthday and every person, regardless of their age, has a child inside them with a desire to have fun. It’s always good to let out all the stress and tension on such special days and be yourselves. This becomes one of the best moments to take some amazing photos in creative poses to look back and remember. The event also celebrates the bond with your friends, family, loved ones, and it needs to be captured.

What sets up apart

We prioritise customer satisfaction and quality of service over everything else.

We work closely with our clients during the photo shoot and post-production to meet the expectations and match our clients’ vision.

We provide our services at one of the best rates available in the market, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

We believe in transparency and charge you only for the service provided.

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