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de Chord studios is a believed brand in organizing various events across India in the field of dance , music, photography, film making, sports.
de Chord studios will teach youths and all age of people, the skills of arts and games, prepare them to peruse their next levels.
de Chord studios has collaborated with composers, film makers, digital creatives, Sports persons as well as dancers and designers to make bold multi disciplinary work.
de Chord studios wanted to bring everything to everyone - from absolute beginners through to professionals - no matter who you are. If you’ve never did anything or if you’re starring in a movies and great sports person, de Chord studio is the people’s studio with something for everyone.
With loyal customers from our favorite cabbies and people on the street to A-list celebrities , de Chord studio has touched the lives of so many people in some way at the helm of street style.
de Chord studio earned a grand reputation in the global community as a beacon of excellence in multi disciplinary work. de Chord is renowned for offering a diverse array of various disciplines under one roof. Our continued dedication to the community has gained a bench mark to serve everyone around the globe.

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Let’s get dancin’

Physical health, creativity, team work, self-discipline and confidence are all essential for a child’s development. Dance combines all these experiences seamlessly in a fun environment.

de Chord studios promise to provide an encouraging and motivating environment where students can grow as performers and as extraordinary individuals.

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Music Concert


de Chord studios is a "one stop" destination for anything and everything related to Music and Performing Arts providing instruction in musical subjects on one hand as well as arranging concerts, master classes, workshops and appreciation sessions throughout the year.

de Chord studios at the very heart of  Chennai's thriving entertainment school. Our aim is to train the next generation of musicians, artistes, producers, sound engineers, composers and DJ's to feed the increasing demand for music within India's burgeoning music scene. There has never been a better time to be a musician in India and there has never been a school quite like de Chord studios to help you achieve your goals.


de Chord studios is a creative space, situated in the heart of the entertainment city, Chennai. A venture by our aspiring Photographers.

Designed with the minimalistic approach, this studio will give you limitless possibilities to bring your ideas to life. Each walls and corners are specially made textured canvas for you to paint your vision on it. 

A one stop Solution for all kinds of Photo and Video Shoots, Workshops, Vlogs, Interviews etc. To make your creative experience worth, we provide you with chief tools and amenities. 

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At de Chord studios, we take complete pride in our on-campus training, teaching, and facilities. The cohesive educational experience provided by us prepares well-rounded professionals who are both excellent at their game while being academically outstanding.

​de Chord studios governs and administrates the game and works with our members to grow the sport. 

de Chord studios is responsible for staging of all Sport (All form of Cricket, Volleyball, Football) Events.

​de Chord studios also conduct corporate game events across the city.
de Chord studios presides over the Code of Conduct, playing conditions and other regulations for all the approved sporting entities across India. 

​de Chord studios appoints all match officials that officiate at all sanctioned state, district and zonal matches.


We, at de Chord Studios, envisage, animate and create instances and motion pictures taking inspiration from mundane lifestyles and spur life into them, transposing them to reality. Our ability to craft stories and build characters begets ideas that transcend the realms of imagination. Our company embarked upon this enticing journey of sketching ideas in late 2010 and there has been no looking back since. We have grown from strength to strength amassing reputable projects and clients along the way and earning good will and a strong name for our quality, efficiency and professional ethics.

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Image by Andrea Mininni


de Chord Studios is an event management company founded in the year 2020. It was initially started to organize small-scale events in college, because of the sheer determination, dedication, willpower and continuous effort of the team. Today de Chord studios has grown to be, the best event management company in Chennai.

de Chord studio was created with a mission to create memorable experiences through creative event planning and management. Our roots are based in Chennai, but we are expanding into a creative hub for the world.

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